Maggot Gag (thelatestcrap) wrote in 4junk2pop,
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Hello. I'm new on this here community. Name's Terry, I'm 17 and I've been a huge fan of the Mad Caps since 2001 (when they bwoked into teh UK). I own Osc-Dis and 010, planning to buy CiSTm K0nFLiqT very soon. Saying that though, I have heard a lot of their earlier work (I have Speak!!!, 4 Plugs and Digidogheadlock on my computer). I don't know many other fans, so this community is perfect. Anyway, peace out.


P.S. I missed them in Newcastle. What a sod..

P.S.S. All those planning to check my journal, you won't find much out about me. It's full of mock news rubbish.
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