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Hello everybody

Hey i dont know if anyone posts here anymore. but ive not managed to find another mad capsule markets fan community since the official websites forums were overrun by spam.
i havent met any other mad capsule markets fans, and am looking to make friends with some, none of my friends are as big on them as me lol. i have every album (with the exception of digidogheadlock, speak!!! and 1990-1996) but im on my way to buying those.

I never saw them live, which is crap seeing as theyre now on a hiatus. though ive recently been listening to kyonos new project WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY which is pretty damn good.

i have the mad capsule markets book/magazine and would happily provide scans for this community, however ill need to find someone with a scanner and some patience first XD.

i know its a common question but whats everyones favorite album? i really cant decide on which one i like the best.
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