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Scary video.

So Scary is the new single in the UK, I guess. Just saw the video on Kerrang. Anyone else think it's a pretty piss-poor effort from the guys? :\ The song, not the video.
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I said that back when it first came out in Japan. But, on Cistm Konfliqt as a whole, it fits in pretty good, I think.

BTW, nice icon. ANTI POP CONSORTIUM is the shit.
Righto, well I'll wait for the album then :)

BTW, nice icon. ANTI POP CONSORTIUM is the shit.

I love you.
Yo, check this out? Don't threaten me tron man...
I need sun
My skin is sallow
Seriously, I love you. :D
Haha. It feels good to be loved ^_^;;
Just had a peek at your user info, you have a ridiculously great taste in music.

Just thought I'd compliment you on that :D
Well hey, if you think I have a great taste in music. That must mean you have a great taste in music as well. So hmmmm. Mind if I add you to my friends list?
Sure thing. :D
I got the album a couple of months ago (ordered it from and was fairly disappointed with it to be honest. It sounds like more of the same, with bits from both of the last 2 albums... Don't get me wrong, it's still a great album - but I was hoping for something a bit less samey....
*sigh* Oh well. :\
It's still worth getting though! And it's possible you'll find it less samey than me.
Mm, I'll definitely be getting it! :D